What is meat !

Nutrition represents the most complex, deepest and most sophisticated relationship between men and nature. One of the largest and most complex temptations, if not the largest, in the phenomenon of nutrition is meat, and therefore it is not hard to understand existence of so many different and contradictory notions.

Time defined that beef, as a secondary food, becomes compatible to the principles of human nutrition exclusively through the phenomenon of meet fermentation. Due to the essential values of heme-iron for the human body, fermented meet of cattle, feed with natural organic grass, certainly represents the highest achievement of the world`s prominent butchers institutions. By far the greatest challenge of the great butcher and culinary masters reflects exclusively in mastering the secrets of fermentation, turning the raw beef in the overall fusion of softness, tenderness, juiciness, palatability, aroma and optimum digestibility, and thus into the true art of gourmet experience.

Darko Skradinjanac, Philosophy of Nutrition

Our specialized company was founded with the goal to bring closer the secret of beef fermentation to everyday table. We strive to present the art of ancient butchery through our assortment of wide range of fermented beef steaks from around the world and thus contribute to the creation of not only true gourmet experience but to achieving optimal health.

Miso Pesic ,business owner